Designing the Perfect Hand truck to Move a Mysterious Rectangular Object

Sometimes our engineers at Reytek face unique assignments that present significant challenges. We are asked to create customized tools and products to meet the specialized needs of our clients – even if we’re not entirely sure what those needs are.

In one particular instance, we were tasked with designing a hand truck to move a specific important item. The object needed to be moved on a regular basis, so we needed to create a hand truck that would move the item comfortably and securely. The catch is that we never actually saw or handled the item, nor were we ever told what the item was. Instead, the client provided the dimensions of the object. Using the limited details they provided, our engineers collaborated with the client until we came up with several prototypes before they settled on the perfect final design to handle this mysterious rectangular object. The client was happy with the result and ultimately ordered several hand trucks.

While this situation is unusual, it is far from unique. There are many reasons why we may not be provided with the full details of our clients’ operations. They may have nondisclosure agreements in place, or the project we’re working on may involve trade secrets. Reytek is sensitive to that. We don’t always need to be provided with granular details of what our clients are doing. We can often design a solution working within the parameters of whatever information the client is able to provide.

If your company works with confidential materials or intellectual property that is protected by copyrights, trademarks, or patents, Reytek can work with you to protect your products while creating a custom solution that fits your needs. Contact us at 505-298-2338 or email us at to speak to one of our experienced engineers. To view our standard clean room equipment visit our website.

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