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The way we do things is what sets us apart.

At Reytek, we put our clients first, and that means every team member, from the C-Suite to the warehouse floor, is committed to providing excellent customer service and top-notch cleanroom products and solutions. We’re a complete design and build company. We purchase raw materials, design our products, and transform those products from raw materials into complete cleanroom tools and solutions. We have the capability of doing everything in house, from sheet metal and fabrication in our machine shop to finishing, packaging, and shipping.

Our customers are more than just numbers on a balance sheet. We care more about building good relationships with our customers that will keep them coming back for years to come. Our conservative business approach has led to stable growth that exemplifies our focus on quality over quantity and means we’re doing what is right for both our company and our customers. We thrive in an environment where everyone we work with knows they can rely on us to provide quality products and top-notch customer service.

At Reytek, quality is a team effort.

The Reytek Team

Meet our team and learn how our multi-disciplined approach to understanding our customers’ problems and providing the best possible solutions makes us stand out from the crowd.

Ed Kuyper

Ed Kuyper, Reytek's CEO, brings a wealth of experience from his extensive career at Intel. Starting as a Process Engineer in the fabs, he worked his way up to become the Yield Engineering Manager. Following his years in the Fab, Ed diversified his expertise at Intel, holding key roles in Finance, Business Development, Product Management, and Supply Chain Architecture.

Before Intel, Ed began his career at Prince Corporation in Holland, Michigan, where he developed a deep appreciation for manufacturing. He furthered his career at Ethicon Endo-Surgery, playing a crucial role in designing and manufacturing endoscopic surgical devices. During his time at Ethicon, Ed became the first certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt for all of Johnson & Johnson and became certified Master Black Belt.

Heading Reytek is Ed's dream job, as he has fondly referred to himself as a "Manufacturing guy on a field trip" throughout his career.

Bill Bice

A serial entrepreneur, Bill is passionate about helping small businesses grow. Bill started his first company at age 18, eventually growing ProLaw Software into the largest law firm automation system for small and mid-size law firms. Joining the acquirer at Thomson Reuters, Bill joined the management team of the $2B West division. He used the marketing sophistication of an industry leader to take a brand new offering to market, West km. But being a programmer at heart, he decided to start boomtime to offer a new approach to marketing – one that fuses technology and expertise together to deliver marketing-as-a-service. Bill's started boomtime with the goal to enable smaller businesses to more effectively compete with their larger competitors.

Bill acquired Reytek because it is the kind of company that he likes to work with – one that has built its business taking care of its clients.

Phil Fullam

Director of Engineering, Phil Fullam grew up in the Aerospace industry before graduating with an engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology. He has a background working in cleanrooms and really understands the day to day challenges of cleanroom employees. Before he joined the Reytek team, Phil had his own consulting firm, helping clients review and evaluate technologies to help them find the right solutions. He spent 15 years in the medical device manufacturing industry, learning everything about designing and building electronic instruments, including chemical reagents, manufacturing, and sterile processing. One of his favorite things about working at Reytek is that he can do what he loves best – using his creativity to create designs that help solve problems.

Cary LeBlanc

Original Founder, Cary Leblanc began his career working his way through several levels within the cleanroom industry. In his twenties, he began to focus on cleanroom design for a few companies, including Intel. He eventually leveraged his design experience to become a consultant and started designing cleanroom equipment from his home – eventually moving into a small space and acquiring some equipment to design and build products for his clients. From those humble beginnings in Cary's garage, Reytek grew into an 18,000 square foot facility with 1 million dollars of equipment and a full roster of happy, satisfied clients. Over 24 years, he gained an on-the-ground perspective of what cleanroom customers need. He is proud of how the business grew organically, with a strong focus on doing what is right for the client.

Adam LeBlanc

Growing up in the family business, Adam Leblanc started working at Reytek at a young age cleaning cabinets before moving on to work part-time in the manufacturing department during high school. He went on to earn a B.A. in Architecture from UNM. He brings those design and engineering skills to Reytek to help create unique designs. With an eye for aesthetics and a background in manufacturing, Adam brings a lot to the table. He loves working on solutions to one problem at a time and using his expertise to solve his client’s problems.

Learn about our manufacturing facility in Albuquerque, NM

Reytek started out in a garage, and evolved into a fully equipped cleanroom supplier that makes all our products onsite and on-demand.
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