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From Small Beginnings

Two decades ago, Reytek Founder and CEO Cary LeBlanc started with a garage and a vision. After years of hands-on experience in various business environments and working for several other manufacturers, he set out to create a new standard in cleanroom products. The goal: to establish Reytek on a foundation of trust, knowledge, and customer service.

Cary started the business out of his garage. At first he didn’t have all the equipment he needed to produce the products he designed and had to farm projects out. But over time, he was able to buy more of the equipment needed and to build the products he was designing – eventually moving into a small space where he could build the products he designed.

Our Custom Facility

We started out in a garage and grew into our 18,000 square foot facility

From that small seed, Reytek blossomed. That garage workspace transformed into an 18,000 square foot facility in Albuquerque, NM, with over a million dollars’ worth of equipment capable of full fabrication, machine shop, precision sheet metal, and office space. From outsourcing equipment to creating and designing their own solutions in-house, Reytek evolved into what it is today: a fully equipped cleanroom supplier that makes all our products onsite and on-demand.

Every piece of Reytek equipment and furnishings is built in-house in the U.S. using high quality, cleanroom-grade materials, like stainless steel, and all-welded construction. And because our clients run the gamut from pharmaceutical to technology our team of engineers can create custom designs to fit each of our cleanroom customers’ specific needs. Onsite production makes it possible for Reytek to maintain a high standard of quality and know that everything is made exactly the way we want it made.

We Do it Right

By centralizing and localizing production, the Reytek team can focus on “getting it done right.” Every member of the team stands behind their product, from thoughtful and thorough creation to keen and critical inspection, to proper packaging and shipping. Every step of the way, our team members check, double-check, and certify that every standard of production and preparation has been met.

“Done right” means that each individual is absolutely responsible for the work they perform. And what that means is, when a fabricator finishes a job, he or she has signed off on that job that it is correct. As material moves from one station to the next, the person receiving that material then looks at it with a critical eye. In the shipping department, the people doing the packing wipe the product down completely with cleaners. While they do that complete cleaning of the product right at eye level, they look for any minor defects, like scratches or dings & dents. They make sure doors open and close correctly. They make sure latches latch correctly. They look at the glass, to make sure there’s no scratches or damage to it. That’s a fairly time-sensitive process. It’s not something a cabinet can go through in five minutes. Sometimes we spend more time packing than we do in manufacturing, because what good is that product to a customer if it comes to them damaged?

Customer-Focused and Solution-Driven

Reytek offers a different kind of experience, one that’s customer-focused and solution-driven. In fact, we work closely with all of our clients to ensure that they are getting exactly what they need: no superfluous supplies, artificial price increases, or impossible promises: Just honesty and integrity.

What makes Reytek stand out from the pack? We believe it’s our combination of expertise and collaboration. We prioritize our clients and focus on their needs, not our bottom line. Instead of keeping a lot of inventory in-stock waiting for an order, we assemble our products per each client’s specification. That translates to a truly customized service that allows our clients to make adjustments. Customization is easy and affordable, whether it’s adjusting size, design, or any other modifications.

Technical and Design Expertise

With our roster of experienced, knowledgeable engineers, we leverage our skills and experience to design robust and comprehensive cleanroom design and supply plans. Even better, because we prioritize customer service, our highly trained team members are available to you when you need us. The technical and design expertise of the engineers makes it possible to achieve an extensive level of customization. Our engineers use Solidworks Parametric Modelling, which allows us to combine the designs of our products with the designs of furniture and equipment that our clients are already using. That means each client gets access to a solution that’s specifically attuned to their individual needs and challenges.

Partnering with the right cleanroom designers and equipment suppliers allows you to design and outfit a cleanroom that meets your needs and stays within your budget. Cleanroom engineers well-versed in industry regulations and requirements to understand the unique needs and challenges faced by different customers. They can work with you to deliver adaptable and scalable cleanroom solutions. By collaborating with a responsive and knowledgeable team committed to a consultative approach, you will be able to protect your organization and mitigate risk.

Your products will arrive in perfect condition

We measure our success by the trust and satisfaction of our clients. That’s why we pay extra attention to the entire shipping process, from preparation at our warehouse to final delivery.
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