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Our engineers have years of hands-on experience.

Clean Room Equipment

Reytek has a sophisticated design team with decades of hands-on experience designing for leading manufacturers in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical and biomedical industries. We have designed and built all levels of clean room equipment specific to their very demanding requirements. We have delivered products which range from basic clean room furniture and fixtures, incorporating unique features enhancing their function, to complex systems meeting rigid performance specification. 

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We Specialize in Creating Customized Solutions

Reytek has developed solutions for difficult manufacturing, process, measurement, and material handling problems, frequently deemed impractical by other vendors. Our successes are achieved through working with the end-user to understand their problems, and by incorporating many different technologies, choosing the best tool for the task.

Not Enough Room For Samples

Our client had a narrow cleanroom space where employees had to test samples. There wasn’t enough room to have shelves and also move about the area freely. We created drop-down shelves that were 4″ x 16″, where the samples could be stored and where space could be saved.

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Shipping and Delivery

At Reytek, we make every effort to ensure that our products arrive in the same condition they left our warehouse. We do this by following a step-by-step procedure that’s followed for every single shipment.

Meet the Team

At Reytek, we put our clients first, and that means every team member, from the C-Suite to the warehouse floor, is committed to providing excellent customer service and top-notch cleanroom products and solutions.

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