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Reytek understands that there is no one-size-fits-all in a cleanroom. We work closely with the end-user to understand their problems. Then we create a solution using the best materials and technologies. In a recent project, we retrofitted an existing facility where everything had to fit perfectly into an already made room.

You can’t move walls, so all of the cabinets needed to be manufactured in custom sizes to fit the space and remain uniform in function and style.

A little engineering goes a long way in the customization of these types of projects. There is not a lot of difference in materials, so we can easily design a custom solution to fit properly. No dead spaces or filling gaps. Just custom-sized units with a low premium cost. In contrast, a lot of other manufacturers offer only standard sizes. This doesn’t provide the right solution for customers working within a specific set of parameters and space limitations. It’s one of the reasons why we take the time to understand each customer’s unique needs.

Some preliminary questions we ask our customers are:

  • How will you be using this item?
  • What is your workflow?
  • What is critical to you and your use of this item?

We understand customers may not be as experienced with tape measures as we are, so we take measures (no pun intended) to ensure that the end product is a perfect fit, both literally and figuratively. Our engineers have the experience and insight necessary to get it right the first time, so you can be confident that your custom cleanroom solutions will fit both your needs and space.

In terms of technical capability when it comes to custom sizing, our standard tolerance level is plus/minus 1/32”, which for sheet metal and fabricated items is really tight. We choose to adhere to these strict tolerances because you can’t make these things fit You need to build them correctly.

In addition to building products that last, we also build products that our customers love to use. One of our repeat customers in the pharmaceutical industry has a set of stainless steel tables that are very dear to one of their departments. These tables are so dear to them that other departments steal them, and they go and steal them back.

Because of stories like this, we have been offering custom etching to all of our customers.

When I have a tool that I like, I don't like anyone else taking it - put my name on it!

Whether you are retrofitting an existing space or building out a new one, get in touch with our engineering team to talk about your custom cleanroom needs and how we can help you solve them.

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