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Recently, I received a call from a medical facility customer who runs an operating room notifying us that they needed new products because their PPE protocols had changed. Due to stricter guidelines, their workers were transitioning from wearing bouffants, face coverings, and gloves to add in the use of face shields and bodysuits.

It brought up some important questions. What do you do when your entire gowning process becomes more elaborate? How do you deal with an exponential increase in glove use or extra PPE?

In the continually changing world of research and medical operations, health and safety protocols can feel like moving targets. While most cleanroom operators understand that they must manage a dynamic environment, they also need the tools and equipment to meet those ever-changing protocols and demands.

Most recently, PPE is emerging as the latest challenge faced by cleanroom operators. In this rapidly changing environment, many industries are finding that they need to adjust their protocols to incorporate the use of more PPE. That may mean gloves and a mask, or it could mean leveling up to full bodysuits. From face coverings to modular workstations, cleanrooms must be outfitted to meet the latest requirements. You may find that you need modular workstations that can be easily rearranged to adapt to a changing work process. Or to install additional glove dispensers in order to meet the latest requirements. These are just some of the ways that cleanroom supplies can impact a project or process. 

At Reytek, we’re ready for whatever comes next. All of our cabinets are made from 304 brushed stainless steel with all-welded construction. They are easy to clean, extremely rugged, and flexible enough to meet the changing needs of your cleanroom.

Here are a few of our current PPE products that are versatile enough to be used in most PPE situations: 

Wall Mount PPE Cabinet|

The Wall Mount PPE cabinet:

This cabinet is designed to be mounted on the wall of your cleanroom and can store and dispense beard covers, booties, gloves, gowns, and hairnets.

Wall Mount Hood & Boot Cabinet|

The Wall Mount Hood and Boot Cabinet:

This wall-mounted cabinet offers upper and lower dispensers.

Life happens in a dynamic environment, and change is the most predictable part of life. At Reytek, we are passionate about finding new ways to meet our clients’ needs and dreaming up future products. Even if we haven’t made the product yet, we know we can build products that will adapt to the needs of a changing world.

To find out more about our cleanroom furniture, check out our products page.

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