Reducing Fatigue for People Who Sit in Front of a Microscope All Day

At Reytek, our engineers work with clients every day to create specialized designs to solve specific problems. In many cases, these problems may appear small but can have a significant detrimental impact if left unaddressed.

For instance, sitting in front of a microscope all day is demanding work. It’s obvious that eyestrain can be a serious issue. What’s not so obvious is that it can be extremely uncomfortable to sit at a microscope workstation all day when your feet dangle in front of the chair. The challenge for one of our customers was that different workers ranged widely in height. No matter what, the worker needs to adjust their chair so that their eyes line up with the microscope. That meant that shorter workers would never be able to rest their feet on the floor.

Our engineers designed an adjustable footrest that fit the requirements of a clean room setting but also allowed shorter workers to rest their feet comfortably while they were using the microscope. As a result, they experienced less fatigue and maintained better posture while sitting at the workstation – thanks to a footrest that can be easily adjusted without tools.

A lot of companies employ ergonomics experts to ensure that their workers are comfortable at their workstations. When problems arise and workers are uncomfortable, Reytek works with clients to create customized solutions that work for both their employees and the facility. For more details on how we can put our solutions to work for you, contact us at 505-298-2338 or email us at to speak to one of our experienced engineers. To view our standard clean room equipment visit our website.

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