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Modular Workstation REY1267

Obsolete/Legacy Design – Ask about REY2768 for current standard design.
Made from 304 Brushed Stainless Steel
All Welded Construction
Very Easy to Clean
Extremely Rugged
Download Drawing
Choose any combination of dimensions for base frame.
Choose any combination of dimensions.
Available Depths: 18,24, 30, 36
Available Lengths: 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 60, 72
Available Heights: 30, 36

Workstation Components:
Document Tray – REY1267-DT8511
Bin Rack – REY1267-BR102
Shelf – REY1267-SH1212
End-plates – REY1267-SE85
Glove Dispenser – REY1267-GD101
Tablet Storage – REY1267-LC101
Lot Box Shelf – REY1267-LB74852
Lot Box Hanger – REY1267-LH74852
Wipe Holder – REY1267-WH101
Monitor Mount – REY1267-MM104
Document Holder – REY1267-DH8511
Reticle Rack – REY1778

Please select a variation for your quote. All measurements are in inches.

Every authentic product has the Reytek insignia etched on it.

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