Cleanroom furniture that is flexible enough for an ever-changing manufacturing environment

Just like time-lapse photography of a river flowing over rocks, a cleanroom is a combination of movement and stasis. Cleanrooms are a dynamic space where actions travel from station to station as products move through the manufacturing process. You need equipment and furniture designed to respond to changing demands.

The stations in a cleanroom must often be adjusted to meet the changing requirements of the manufacturing process, meaning each piece of equipment may have many different uses depending on the process and the product. A station may be used for one purpose early in the process and then switched over to another purpose later on. As individual products change, so do their associated manufacturing requirements, which can also affect the use of a particular station between product lines. That means your furnishings need to be easily alterable or interchangeable.

Most of the furniture at Reytek is designed with flexibility in mind.

Desk With Locking Drawers
Equipment Stand

From tables and carts to cabinets and shelves, our stainless steel products and furniture are designed to foster a clean, safe, and consistent workstation and cleanroom environment. We can help you create a design that allows for both ease of use and secure storage. Our products can be easily customized to adjust for height or modified to meet your workflow needs because they are made to order. Our engineers and designers are available to discuss your specific needs every time you order to ensure that our cleanroom furnishings meet your unique needs.

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