All Good Managers Do This

Good managers are always looking for ways to make the people who work for them more productive. They notice when their employees are uncomfortable and seek out solutions to make the environment work better for them.

At Reytek, we work with our clients to solve problems with specialized designs. We craft equipment that fits their workers and makes them more comfortable in their workstations. Whenever possible we seek input from actual operators. After all, they’re the ones who have to be there all day.

On all our projects, we take the approach of a design collaborator with our clients, working to develop solutions – versus operating as salespeople promoting a product or service. For instance, our clients often employ workers of various heights and builds. One worker may be 5’2” in heels while another is over six feet tall – but they share the same workstation and use a single keyboard. We design adjustable keyboards that raise up for taller workers and can be lowered for shorter workers – all in a single motion.

Another approach for dealing with workers of different heights is to install footrests that can be adjusted without tools so that seating can be high enough so that tall workers don’t feel cramped – but allow shorter workers to sit comfortably without their feet dangling in mid-air.

We’re also sensitive to the needs of a clean room. We’ve designed hooks that are captured in a single unit, which have fewer moving parts and are more amenable to a clean room environment. We’ve even designed a hand truck that was designed to move a particular object. We had the dimensions and the weight of the object but the object itself was sensitive and we signed a nondisclosure agreement. We understand that our clients may have trade secrets or other proprietary information and we respect that.

Many companies have ergonomics experts making sure that people are comfortable in their workstations. When their employees have a problem where they are uncomfortable, they call on Reytek to create a solution that works for the worker and the facility. We can do the same for your company. Contact us at 505-298-2338 or email us at to speak to one of our experienced engineers.

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